Da Vinci Code: False Portrayal of Jesus Christ

Da Vinci Code, is a controversial issue nowadays. It is a direct attack amp; slap on the face to Christian believers. The novel written by Dan Brown is very alarming.Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code will be shown in theatres this May, released by Sony pictures amp; starred by Tom Hanks.

It leads some believers of Christ into confusion. The potrayal of Jesus Christ in this piece is fictional. It also implies that the catholic church has been covering and hiding the truth about Jesus Christ.

The as summarized goes something like this: A symbologist was called to analyze Da Vinci’s Masterpieces. In unlocking the code, he was lead to series of mysteries amp; secret that has been hidden for eons. Dan Brown’s work depicted that the Catholic Church will do everything to cover up the factual truth about Jesus Christ.

The Christian Community is being mislead amp; gives them false ideas amp; negative thinking that the messiah we are long worshipping as God is not a God but human,He died amp; was not resurrected, was married to Mary Magdalene amp; the two had a child.

The novel fact page includes the following:

The bible was established by a pagan Roman Emperor, Mary Magdalene instead of Peter was the one who brought up the early church, The Catholic Church will do everything to murder all descendants of Christ, They will also keep on with conspiracy to hide the truth about Jesus. The gospel has been edited, the bible was not heaven sent. Mary Magdalene is to be worshipped as a goddess and that there is still a secret group called Priory of Sion who acknowledge Mary Madalene as goddess. These are some of the nerve wrecking facts that were stated in the novel.

Da Vinci was also pictured as the leader amp; promoter of the conspiracy, keepin the secret about Christ. The novel indicated that Leonardo has placed some symbols amp; codes to his artworks. One of these works is the Popular “The last Supper Painting” which was described that seated at the right hand of Jesus was Mary Magdalene. Dan Brown’s imagination is nothing but baseless. The one he was describing as Mary Magdalene is in fact the youngest disciple of Christ ,John. Leonardo Da Vinci was said to be a part of a congregation called Opus Dei.

As a Christian i really find the novel uncanny. Not only does it contain baseless amp; false information about Jesus it also suggest a strong idea that the Christian faith is worthless. Human knowledge is limited, hence they cannot provide valid amp; strong evidence about Jesus as being married to Mary Magdalene. If they really do have a daughter what’s her name? If they got married where did it took place? Where was Mary Magdalene’s first church? There are so many things that are contradicting in Dan’s Brown Da Vinci Code. As for me my faith is strong amp; i stand firm in what i believe. That Jesus is the Son of God, amp; the true Messiah.